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This foodie’s top 5 go-to restaurants for the best bites in Hong Kong

Say no to hangry-ness, say yes to some of our favourite eateries in the city.   Full disclosure: I don’t believe in food reviews. Everyone calls themselves a foodie these days, but you can find glowing praise for a restaurant, and then read a nasty tear down of how terrible the service was in a review right below it. People have different tastes in food, just like how I like a little bit of milk and sugar in my coffee, but Tay likes hers with oat milk.    I claim to be a foodie - but I don’t claim to...

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6 Vegan Restaurants You Need To Try in Hong Kong

There's many reasons to include more vegan meals in your diet; animal rights, health benefits (if well planned- it's rich in nutrients and can reduce the risk of chronic diseases), sustainability (Animal agriculture is responsible for more than 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90% of the deforestation in the Amazon), help with world hunger (the food and water we give to livestock could feed 10 billion people), or taste.  You don't need to go fully Vegan, but even eating plant-based just one day a week (3 meals) will save about 225 sq.ft. of land, 120 gallons of water,...

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