Songs Out of Self-Isolation

As the world finds its footing amid social distancing policies, artists have begun to create music to fundraise for charitable causes, show their support, and help fans feel a little less alone. Here are a few songs out of self-isolation to keep you hopeful during these uncertain times.   Stuck With You - Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber YouTube | Spotify Ariana and Justin joined forces to create this love ballad about staying in with the person you love. Their music video features the stars at home passing time with their partner and pets, but also features their fans across...

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Tips for Celebrating Special Occasions at Home

Just because most of us need to practice social distancing, doesn’t mean life’s celebrations need to come to a halt. Many people are using this time to creatively celebrate special occasions at home. Below are a few ways to celebrate things like Birthdays, Anniversaries, pregnancies, and springtime indoors. Birthdays Birthdays are a happy time to honour another year of life, and luckily they can be celebrated just as well at home. The trick is to make the day feel special by doing things you don’t normally do. A good first step is to create a celebratory atmosphere by decorating the...

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