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TikTok Food Trends Worth Trying

Confession time. I’ll be browsing TikTok and next thing I know, two hours have flown by. If you’ve also fallen down the TikTok rabbit hole, you know that it is a goldmine of content, whether it be dances or funny videos. But I think one of the best things to come out of TikTok are the innovative takes on food. In this blog, we round up some of the best TikTok food trends we think could actually be worth the hype. Starbucks TikTok Drink @.kono You wanna make the tiktok drink? I gotchu ##foryou ##featureme ##foryoupage ##starbucks ♬ original sound...

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5 Light & Healthy Dinner Ideas

When I like something I always add it into my usual rotation and eat it again and again. One of the reasons I wanted to make this website was to share healthy delicious recipes via text and photos. That's because that's how I learn best. I never like going back to a video to have to rewatch it again, just to find a small part I forgot, I'd rather have everything clearly laid out. So that's what I'm doing (I will still make the occasional video though for those who learn best with that!). Here are my recent 5 favourite healthy...

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